Provision Living Senior Communities


As the digital and social media manager for Provision Living Senior Communities, one of my responsibilities includes producing digital content. Before starting the content creation process for the company, I performed a competitive analysis to gain an understanding of where our top five competitors were with producing content. While conducting research, it was evident that one of the most significant gaps within our marketing strategy was the lack of original content. To close that gap, I launched the Provision Living Senior Communities blog.


Create and maintain the Provision Living Senior Communities blog to establish expertise, drive web traffic, and produce leads.


Lack of original content.


Working in partnership with Michael Walters Advertising Agency, I received a list of the top 100 assisted living, and memory care questions searched for on Google. Based on those questions, I reached out to my colleagues to provide blog content. Each colleague received a specific set of questions to answer in individual blog posts. After receiving the material, I researched and added scientific evidence for credibility. Lastly, some of our communities produce bi-weekly Facebook Live segments on various topics related to assisted living and memory care; I transcribed the videos from those segments and repurposed them into written content. To promote the blog articles, custom social media graphics were created based on information from each blog post and pushed out on one of our most popular channels, Facebook.


On June 4, the Provision Living Senior Communities blog launched with five articles. The goal is to add two new posts per month to the site. Quantitative results are forthcoming.

Samples of Work